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About Us

Headquartered in Conover, North Carolina, PSI-Polymer Systems, Inc. is a leading global supplier of high-performance gear pumps, screen changers, custom auxiliaries, and rebuilds for the polymer, adhesive, chemical and food processing industries.

 Founded in 2000 by an industry veteran and backed by a dedicated team of former gear pump and screen changer business owners, PSI’s vision of systematizing process hardware between the extruder and the die quickly caught hold.  Introducing technologies that incorporated proprietary and patented machine improvements, PSI challenged conventional system design and ultimately raised industry standards for performance and supply. 

Our people work hard to meet every challenge, and to exceed expectations when possible. The results have led to several new patents. Yet not every inquiry needs equipment as its solution.  For some, all that’s needed is a better understanding of how an existing system works, whether by educating plant personnel, understanding hardware interoperability, or analyzing and improving processing conditions.  PSI’s consultative approach is structured to help processors find the best solution to a particular problem.  If we form an ongoing business relationship, so much the better.  That’s what it’s all about.

Our equipment and systems solutions are the best the industry has to offer, but the heart of it all lies in our people and our commitment to doing whatever it takes to satisfy our customers.

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