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Rebuilds and Repairs

Polymer Extrusion Gear Pump Rebuild and Repair

Bring us your parts and pieces and breathe new life into your old equipment!

Rebuilds present a great environmentally sound and sustainable cradle-to-cradle solution. This cost-effective option saves having to discard equipment that has reached the end of its service life.  Several options are available; from simple evaluations to part replacement to complete overhaul and restoration.

PSI operates a complete in-house repair center capable of rebuilding most major brands of gear pumps, bolt-type screen changers, and static mixers.

  • Burn out and cleaning available
  • Precision measuring of each part
  • Gauging traceable to NIST standards
  • We carry internal parts to fit most major melt pump brands
  • Custom parts and machine work available
  • Weld repair on screen changer cross-bolts and housings and on larger gear pump housings
Rebuild/Repairs of all major brands:
  • Maag
  • Kreyenborg
  • Nordson/Xaloy
  • Normag
  • Erema
  • Witte
  • Others

Example: Dynisco HSC-80 (Click for images)

Example: Beringer SPC-1200 (12″) (Click for images)


Polymer Extrusion Gear Pump Rebuild and Repair

Restore machine efficiency and performance to original OEM specifications!  

Call us 1-828-468-2600 or email and ask for Jody to schedule a rebuild during your next planned line maintenance. 


Polymer Extrusion Gear Pump Rebuild and Repair

Ask about our Screen Changer trade-in program as well!

PSI’s Pump Exchange Program 

Is your pump costing you production efficiency?  Are repetitive repairs are no longer cost-effective?  

Trade it in!  PSI will offer you a far greater trade-in value than you will find on the used equipment market.  PSI pumps are drop-in replacements for most of our competitors.   Give us a call and you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy, cost-effective and fast a PSI gear pump can be made to swap out your tired old relic. 

Plus You’ll Receive…

  • Service with a smile
  • Longer lasting gears
  • Trouble-free seals
  • More accurate gauge control
  • Increased output rates
  • Faster start-ups
  • Lower processing temperatures
  • Reduced scrap
  • Increased life for the extruder screw and barrel