PSI-Polymer Systems

PSI-Polymer Systems, Inc. Announces New Repair/Rebuild Program for Gear Pumps, Screen Changers, and Static Mixers for Extrusion Applications Hickory, NC (April 9, 2008)

PSI-Polymer Systems Inc. has announced it has implemented a new repair/rebuild service program for gear pumps, screen changers, and static mixers for extrusion applications.  This new program emphasizes service and repair of non-PSI brands of equipment.  Turnaround times are often 24 hours or less.

The new repair center, located in-house at PSI’s headquarters in Hickory, NC, features all the equipment necessary to perform repairs and rebuilds including burn-out ovens, lathes and milling machines, glass bead machines, hydraulic presses and welding machinery.  PSI also maintains a large inventory of spare parts to fit its equipment as well as other leading brands.

Rob Martin, General Manager of PSI, explained that many processors are opting to have their existing equipment serviced, a lower cost option than purchasing new equipment.  “Processors have asked us numerous times if we could help them by refurbishing their existing non-PSI equipment,” he said.  “Based on these requests, we decided to create the repair center and make it an integral part of what our company offers.”

“Out in the field we’ve seen other brands of gear pumps and screen changers in poor condition, and we’ve told processors we have the capability to make these products as good as new in a short period of time,” Martin said.  “It’s an attractive option; bringing new life to old equipment only makes sense and it helps our customers maximize productivity and profit.” 

All parts are guaranteed for one year, and all products and components are designed and manufactured by PSI.