PSI-Polymer Systems

PSI-Polymer Systems, Inc. Introduces New 8-inch Hydraulic Screen Changer Hickory, NC (February 5, 2004)

PSI-Polymer Systems Inc. has introduced a new product, an 8” hydraulic screen changer for polymer filtration on large extrusion applications.

Named the HSC-80, this new product has been designed and is currently being manufactured in the U.S. at PSI’s headquarters in Hickory, NC, with shipments to begin in April 2004.  It has been designed for use on larger compounding lines and because of its large filtration area, it is ideal for use on smaller extruders (4 ½” or 6”) that are running high levels of recycled material. 

Designed by Bart Jones, “The Screen Changer Man”

Industry veterans need no introduction to the designer of this new system.  Bart Jones has been involved in the sales, marketing and design of innovative screen changers since the early 1980’s.  He started with Beringer and then was the founder and President of Extek, Inc. in Marblehead, Mass., which was eventually acquired by Dynisco, Inc.  When Glenn Woodcock, another industry veteran and friend of Jones decided to start up PSI-Polymer Systems, he decided to bring Jones on board with the title – we’re not making this up – “The Screen Changer Man.”

“Consultant” seems rather boring,” said Jones.  “Besides, screen changers are my expertise and what I’m associated with in the plastics industry, so when Glenn offered me a position with his company, we decided to have some fun, and to keep my title simple and to the point.” 

According to Woodcock, he and Jones have teamed up to provide the industry with a high-quality, alternate source of extrusion auxiliary equipment, one that is U.S. based and offers customers the benefit of years of experience.  Prior to founding PSI, Woodcock worked for years for Zenith, a provider of gear pumps, and Dynisco. 

“I wanted to build systems that combine the best properties of our knowledge base,” he said.  “Bart and I each have many years of experience designing, building, selling and servicing extrusion equipment, including screen changers and gear pumps.  We know what works and what doesn’t, and are excited to offer the industry new systems that we feel provide the best value.”

HSC-80 Features and Benefits

With the new HSC-80, PSI now offers a scaled-up version of the company’s four smaller models of hydraulic screen changers.  One difference is because of its size, the HSC-80 is not a “bolt-through” design; it will attach directly to a flange on the extruder, with bolts passing through the flange.  Features include PSI’s patented segmented taper-ring seal, which, according to Jones, “have produced flawless results since their introduction in the summer of 2003”.  These pressure-activated seals operate leak-free up to 10,000 psi and are designed to eliminate material hang-up areas, thereby eliminating degradation and gel-buildup caused in other slide-plate type screen changers.   Since the seal assembly is made of all steel parts (no Teflon), PSI is confident in offering a lifetime guarantee on all seal parts at process temperatures between 70°F and 700°F.

In addition, like all PSI hydraulic screen changers, the HSC-80 features PLC-controlled slide plate heaters that require only one zone of temperature control, as opposed to three zones that are typically required on competitors’ designs.  Also, the system is designed for safety; the operator guards are rugged, tight-fitting, and tamper resistant, and protect operators from the injury hazards of burns from spraying polymer, or mechanical injuries.

Typical applications for the new HSC-80 screen changer include sheet, blown film and cast film, compounding, underwater pelletizing and strand pelletizing, extrusion coating, pipe and profile, wire and cable, and others.