PSI-Polymer Systems

PSI-Polymer Systems, Inc. Introduces New High Pressure Gear Pump Hickory, NC (January 31, 2005)

A new high pressure gear pump (HGP) has been introduced by PSI-Polymer Systems Inc.  This product is ideal for the most demanding extrusion processes.  It is designed to process highly viscous, filled materials and can operate at pressures up to 10,000 psi and temperatures up to 600°F.

The HGP accurately meters the polymer and pressure from the extruder to the die, providing consistent output, precise gauge control, and a higher quality end product.  It is mounted between the extruder and the die head to eliminate any process variations initiating in the extruder. 

The HGP represents an addition to the existing PSI gear pump product line.  The company’s extrusion gear pump (EGP) operates on extrusion lines with pressures up to 5,000 psi.  “With high pressure applications, it’s even more critical for extrusion processors to ensure a constant stream of polymer and pressure to the die,” said Glenn Woodcock, President of PSI.  “This pump allows for lower shear stress, lower energy consumption, lower processing temperatures, reduced scrap and ultimately, higher output rates.”

HGP Features and Benefits

The new HGP operates leak-free at pressures up to 10,000 psi, and temperatures up to 600°F.  All parts are manufactured to ISO-9002 standards.  It features through-hardened tool steel gears, a pressure-balanced drive shaft, and overall heavy duty construction for top performance in the most extreme processing environments.   

Typical applications for the HGP include extruded sheet, coatings, pipe and profile, wire and cable, tubing and profile, blown film and cast film.  It is the ideal solution for use with degradable materials, FPVC and other corrosive materials.