PSI-Polymer Systems

PSI-Polymer Systems, Inc. Introduces New Line of Hydraulic Screen Changers for Twin-Screw Extruder Applications Hickory, NC (May 7, 2007)

PSI-Polymer Systems Inc. has introduced a new line of hydraulic slide plate screen changers specifically designed for polymer filtration in twin-screw extruder applications.

The new “HSC Oval” series of hydraulic screen changers feature oval-shaped screens and “8” pattern inlet bores to match twin-screw extruder barrel configurations.  This eliminates divergent flow transitions and stagnant flow areas that are typical with competitive models that use circular bore designs fitted with 8-0 adapters.  The HSC Oval series also allows the extruder screw to be extended into close proximity of the screens and breaker plates, and for added convenience the screw may be removed through the screen changer without dismounting. 

Improved flow downstream of the breaker plate is achieved by reducing the flow path to match an oval die inlet, further reducing polymer inventory and residence time.  Users benefit from little to no downtime to change screens, and faster color or compound change times.

“We have developed these new screen changers after hearing from twin-screw extruder users of some of the problems inherent with existing designs,” said Dan Smith, PSI’s Vice President – Sales and Marketing.  “Twin-screw machines require a specially designed screen changer for top performance, and we’re confident our new HSC Oval series meets this challenge.”

HSC Oval screen changer models are available to fit extruder sizes from 40mm to 135mm.  “Each twin-screw application is different, whether you’re doing color compounding, wood-plastic extrusion, sheet or other types of processing,” said Smith.  “We work closely with our customers to review all application data to be sure they get the best screen changer solution for their needs.”