PSI-Polymer Systems

PSI-Polymer Systems, Inc. Introduces Servo Driven Gear Pump For Precision Dispensing Applications Conover, NC (August 29, 2016)

PSI-Polymer Systems has recently introduced a new servo drive for its EGP and CIP Series gear pumps.  The drives allow a level of precision for starting, stopping and ramping that is not possible to achieve with standard DC or AC motors.

Originally created for continuous polymer extrusion, gear pumps have expanded into applications which now include precision, repeatable small volume dispensing.  Typically encountered in medical, adhesive and other specialty applications, the pump is required to dose a very small and specific amount of material.  Older style, piston pumps have historically served these applications by maintaining flow rate at pressure. However, as applications become more sophisticated and demand highly precise volumetric doses, the start/stop reaction time for these devices no longer suffices.  Temperature sensitivity with piston pumps is likewise an issue.  Ambient temperature changes can modify viscosity and flow rate, resulting in the need for continuous monitoring and control of pressure settings on these systems. 

PSI’s new Servo Drive Gear Pump improves this by combining the linearity of the constant volumetric output per RPM of the gear pump with the precise positional control of a servo drive.  The result is the elimination of the independent gearbox, zero coasting of the motor, extremely fast reaction times, instant start/stop and fast ramp-up / ramp-down times and a new feature; reversing.  Reversing allows the servo drive to instantly back the pump to eliminate any potential for overflow or drip versus a straight forward stop.