PSI-Polymer Systems

PSI-Polymer Systems Inc. Screen Changers and Gear Pumps Increase Quality For Challenging Solar Cell Applications Conover, NC (March 9, 2015)

Recently, there has been an increased demand in the industry for cross-linked material (EVA) sheets, used primarily in production of solar cells. This application is particularly challenging for extrusion melt pumps and screen changers because of the material’s high melt temperature and the stringent demands for flatness of the end product.

PSI has recently supplied gear pumps and screen changers to a leading supplier who is successfully producing high quantities of these materials. PSI is in a unique position to meet the needs of this rapidly increasing segment of the industry. They already run many melt pumps and screen changers that have similar demands for PEX pipe and PEX compounding applications, giving them ample knowledge and experience with cross-linked materials. The melt pump for this particular application is designed to reduce overall melt temperature and prevent cross-linking of the material.  It has numerous features that make it an ideal fit. The features include:

  • Heat/cool channels within the pumps to remove excessive heat from the journal bearings and equalize temperature gradients across the pump bodies;
  • Bleed ports on the pumps evacuate material passing through the high shear areas;
  • High precision volumetric output improves gauge control of the EVA which helps create perfect flatness, critical for solar cell applications;
  • Melt pump allows for reduced shear, more easily controlled temperature, and superior control when compared to the commonly used gravimetric extrusion control.

“Cross-linked material applications are booming right now as a result of the growing solar panel industry,” said Glenn Woodcock, President of PSI-Polymer Systems.  “Our melt pumps are perfectly suited for these materials, and our existing experience, knowledge, and performance in the field have proven to be the added value for these precision applications.”