PSI-Polymer Systems

PSI-Polymer Systems To Introduce New Extrusion Products at NPE2006 Hickory, NC (June 19, 2006)

At NPE 2006, PSI-Polymer Systems Inc. will introduce several new products for the plastics extrusion industry. These products include:

  • new line of extrusion gear pumps (EGP-PVC) for challenging materials
  • new line of drop-in replacement EGP gear pumps for most major brands
  • new 6.5″ and 10″ hydraulic slideplate screen changers (HSC)

Also, the company has announced the addition of a gear pump and screen changer repair facility at its headquarters in Hickory, NC. This facility is dedicated to repairing all major brands of gear pumps and screen changers. PSI has dedicated a team of employees to staff the facility and has a goal of 24 hour turnaround on all products. Spare parts for all major brands are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

EGP Gear Pumps for Challenging Materials

PSI-Polymer Systems Inc. has introduced a line of extrusion gear pumps designed for use for challenging materials, including foam, PVC, and highly-filled resins.

The EGP- Foam series of gear pumps is specially designed for processing foam polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene and biodegradable foam materials. PSI’s specially designed seals eliminate leakage by utilizing an extended length, special thread pitch and progressive cooling of the polymer melt. The non-galling seal material in EGP pumps also allows for superior heat dissipation, compared to pumps with seals made from carbon and stainless steels. This design eliminates leakage with all types of blowing agents, including inert gasses.

The EGP – PVC series of gear pumps is specially designed for processing thermally sensitive polymers where residence time and distribution are critical. The EGP – PVC series utilizes a fully jacketed housing for superior temperature control, eliminating any potential hot spots that could initiate degradation. Non-corrosive metallurgy in addition to highly polished flow passages are designed to minimize residence time, material degradation, and eliminate any possibility of material hang-up. Adjustable bleed ports are provided to allow porting of the polymer used to lubricate the bearings to the exterior of the pump. This design allows the processing of many thermally degradable polymers that can not be processed in conventional gear pumps.

New Line of EGP Replacement Gear Pumps Introduced

PSI has also introduced a new line of extrusion gear pumps designed as direct drop in replacements for most competitive pumps. Additionally, these pumps can be engineered to allow throughputs up to 60% higher than the original gear pump. PSI also uses specially designed seals to eliminate leakage by utilizing an extended length, and special thread pitch. The non-galling seal material in EGP pumps also allows for reduced gear shaft/seal I.D. clearance, compared to pumps with seals made from carbon and stainless steels.

he EGP line of gear pumps also offers a compact design, and a smaller footprint, compared to competitive pumps. PSI’s through-hardened tool steel gears and nitrided bearings allow for high torque transfer and long wear life.

The internal parts of the EGP Series Gear pumps are interchangeable with most competitive pumps and the footprint can be made as a direct drop in to competitive pumps. In many cases the EGP pumps can allow increased output rates of up to 60%, compared to some competitor’s pumps with the same footprint.

This new gear pump design allows processors to significantly increase extrusion throughput where the gear pump is the limiting factor, and without having to change tooling, or add space to the extrusion line.

New HSC Hydraulic Screen Changers Added to Product Line

PSI has introduced two new hydraulic screen changers to its HSC line. The addition of the Model HSC-65 (165 mm) and Model HSC-100 (254mm) screen changers allows users of 6.5″ (165 mm) and 10″ (254mm) extruders to maximize the filtration performance of their extrusion lines and still take advantage of screw pull-through capability.

Previously, users of 6.5″ (165mm) extruders were forced to use an undersized six (6) inch screen changer, with no possibility of screw pull-through, or utilize an oversized eight (8) inch model with extended polymer residence time and more material inventory, resulting in longer product and color changeover times. The HSC-65 Model allows screw pull- through and adequate melt filtration area, while minimizing time for product and color changeover.

The HSC-100 Model is currently PSI’s largest hydraulic screen changer. Designed for 10″ (254mm) extruders, it can handle extruder output from 3,000-10,000 lbs/hr and features a large 10 1/8″ screen diameter.

The PSI Model HSC Hydraulic Screen changers are also equipped with a unique patent pending, “lifetime” metal seal that withstands high temperatures and never requires replacement, or adjustment. The unique seal allows for leak-free processing and uses a streamlined design that eliminates product and color hang up.