PSI-Polymer Systems

FilterPak-50 Micro-PLC Control

Operates one dual filter Continuous  or single filter Discontinuous Screen Changer

Product Description

Simplified micro-PLC functionality for screen change positions and basic alarms

Unitronics (PLC) Programmable Logic Controller.

Supplied with handheld pendant control with 10’ cable

Functionally controls piston actuation, venting locations and dwell times

NEMA 4 enclosure integrated with hydraulic power unit and motor contactor / overload protection.


Alerts and Alarms

  • Pressure alert for screen change
  • High-pressure protection interface with customer equipment
  • HPU fault – Detects HPU motor trip
  • System alarms for screen changer pressure visual/audible
  • E-stop for system emergency shutdown 
  • Control voltage: 24VDC