PSI-Polymer Systems

IntegraPak-100 PLC Integrated Equipment Control

Operates one (1) Gear Pump and one (1) Continuous Screen Changer

Product Description

PLC: Allen Bradley (or B&R Automation)

HMI: 10” color touch screen

Operates one (1) Gear Pump and one (1) Continuous Screen Changer.  Interfaces with extruder drive as applicable. 


Gear Pump

  • Pump speed
  • Current
  • Suction and discharge pressure

Screen Changer

  • Piston positions
  • Inlet / outlet / delta pressure (transducers by others if not supplied)
  • Visual clean screen indication
  • Time from last screen change

System alarms and shut down for:

  • Pressure
  • Low / High Suction
  • High Discharge & Delta Pressure
  • High current


  • Auto start (auto ramp to full production)
  • Recipe storage automated product selection / start-up
  • Trending
  • Data logging
  • Expandable I/O
  • Transducer calibration
  • Removable flash memory data tracking and collection (B&R option only)
  • Ethernet communication / Ewon Capable
  • VNC viewer for displaying and using the control screen on a remote/larger monitor
  • External communication options available upon request