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Extrusion Die Changer (EDC)

Polymer Extrusion Die Changer (EDC) for Foam Sheet Applications

Get More from Your Process

Extrusion Die Changers (EDC) (U.S. Patent No. 10,828,820) rapidly and easily exchange die heads in and out of a process line. The system utilizes a hydraulically actuated quick-shift slide plate mounted on linear rails to exchange die heads in less than 30 seconds.  Total extrusion process changeover time is reduced to under 10 minutes from one hour (typ.)  – shutdown to startup.

The system is ideally suited for lines that must otherwise be purged during die changeovers, such as foam sheet extrusion or for batch operations where reduced changeover times translate directly to increased output and cost savings for waste and labor reductions.

The EDC system supports two dies, one online and a second offline at preheat. The offline position allows convenient access for removal, cleaning, and installation. Each position is independently heat controlled, saving valuable heat soak time when bringing the new die online.

Depending on size and weight, dies may be mounted on v-groove caster mounted carts. EDC units are custom-designed to the process and are available in a broad range of sizes for applications ranging from horizontal annular dies to profile and flat dies. 


  • Exchanges dies in less than 30 seconds
  • Custom designed for your line
  • Independent die heat control
  • Fits extruders sizes 2” through 8”
  • Self-compensating, all-steel sealing system
  • Offline die pre-heat position
  • Convenient bolt or clamp connection to the extruder
  • Hand-held pendant control
  • Long-life linear slide rail
  • Low maintenance design


  • Die Adaptors
  • Plating
  • Transition Carts
  • Oil/steam Heat


  • Electro-mechanical push-button pendent
  • Heat control panel (optional)