PSI-Polymer Systems

Drop-In Gear Pump

Drop In Polymer Extrusion Gear Pumps

Get More from Your Process

PSI manufactures a broad range of off-the-shelf gear pumps that use our high-performance gears and drop into existing competitors’ footprints.  Whether round body or square, special bolt pattern or mounting configuration, we make things easy for you.

Our ‘drop-ins’ cover most gear pumps made by other suppliers over the past 35 years.  If we don’t have it (rare, but it does happen), chances are good we can produce it.   And, unlike our competitors, you’ll be pleased to know all parts are manufactured in the United States. 

As with all PSI products, we take pride in fast turn-around.  Most parts are carried in our extensive inventory.  PSI drop-in gear pumps use your existing bolt connections and adaptors and are supplied with PSI’s long-life internal components and seals.  You expect the best, you get the best.


  • PSI internal components
  • Matched connections
  • PSI anti-galling seals
  • No need to move components in the line for most configurations