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Low Viscosity (LV) Seal – Patented

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Proven with hard-to-seal, high flow materials (e.g. 2000 MFI / 16 Pa-s at 10 Sec-1), PSI’s patented low viscosity sealing system solves pesky leak issues on bolt-type screen changers.  The highly effective seals are well proven in a broad range of melt blown and adhesive applications in plants around the world.  Rated for applications with process temperatures up to 525°F (270°C), the long-lasting seals are easy to access and do not require removal of the screen changer from the line for maintenance. 

Why needed?  One of the primary advantages of a bolt-type screen changers is having no mechanical seals. The standard design features controlled-gap sealing which uses the polymer’s viscosity to simultaneously lubricate and seal. While this works quite well for most polymers, the high fluidity of ultra-low viscosity materials allows migration across the closely held bolt to housing clearances and results in varying degrees of leakage to atmosphere.  PSI’s patented LV Seal solves this