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Super Plate

Super Plate for Polymer Extrusion Screen Changer Melt Filter

Get More from Your Process

Super Plates add efficiency and life to screen packs by allowing better utilization of the surface area.  Doing so, reduces screen replacement frequency and cost. 

Use of a Super Plate fully exposes up to 95%+ of the screen to through flow of the melt stream. This can yield a gain of up to 55% in effective filtration area over conventional design. 

The gain is achieved by lifting the screen pack away from the flat, solid surface of the breaker plate.  Conventional breaker plate open area is typically 50% to 55%.  This means 45% to 50% of the screen rests on a solid surface. Because of this, screen life diminishes rapidly as the small corresponding area over the breaker plate holes is blinded and the material must laterally traverse less clogged areas of the wire cloth to reach a through hole.  This can be observed on spent screen packs as dense pockets of filtered contaminants over the breaker plate holes and lesser concentrations over the solid part of the breaker plate. 

The Super Plate is a finely machined grid of stainless-steel triangular blades, cross welded to provide superior strength and support.  The screen pack rests on the edge of the blades.  Spacing and support of the blades often allows the cost-saving elimination of a 20-mesh or higher support screen.  The Super Plate also eliminates the risk of screen blow through and resulting contaminants in the end product that can occur if the delta-P exceeds the tensile strength of the wire cloth sitting directly above a breaker plate hole.