Y-Block Manifolds and Valves

Get More from Your Process

Y-Block adaptors divide and direct the melt flow from a single extruder to feed two or more forming dies.  Whether a simple ‘Y’ block or a more complex multi-port manifold, PSI blocks excel in streamlining and balancing flow while minimizing residence time to the die. 

  • Volumetric flow to the individual dies is controlled by manual or automated valves or by the inclusion of PSI gear pumps.
  • Flow through one die continues unimpeded while the other is taken offline for exchange or cleaning.  Plus, an added benefit of fewer extruder shutdowns & startups. 
  • Economies of operations are gained with lower investment, operating, maintenance and energy costs for multiple extruders in favor of a single larger extruder feeding multiple downstream forming lines.

PSI Y-Blocks, Manifolds and Valves are custom engineered to the meet your specific application and process needs.  Contact us for more information!

Y-Block inlet with two shut-off valves and PSI gear pumps

Custom designs for your plant!

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