PSI-Polymer Systems

How PSI’s equipment has benefited these companies!

Verity Resins

When we asked PSI-Polymer Systems to provide us with a screen changer that would allow for an increased throughput, PSI sold Verity Resins a unit while providing a guarantee of 20% increased production. Not only did we get over a 20% increased throughput, we also received excellent hands-on training and technical assistance that you would expect from a Tier 1 supplier. We would recommend PSI as a first choice supplier for any business looking into adding a screen changer or gear pump. Service and support are as important as the equipment to us and PSI delivers both.

Peninsula Packaging

Peninsula Packaging has had great success working with PSI-Polymer Systems regarding gear pumps, screen changers and static mixers. We would recommend any extrusion company to work with PSI, as they manufacture quality products regarding auxiliary extrusion equipment.

H.B. Fuller

H.B. Fuller has installed several screen changers and gear pumps manufactured by PSI-Polymer Systems. PSI has an excellent product line, unparalleled customer service, and they continue to develop new technology which has directly improved the process by which we manufacture our products.

Adhesive Process Solutions

We implement PSI-Polymer Systems screen changers and gear pumps into our hot melt adhesive applications. PSI has an extremely knowledgeable team. They have the application experience required to determine exactly what is needed to streamline our adhesive processes. PSI thoroughly examines each application, and provides what is necessary to get desired end results. When we have a need for screen changers or gear pumps, we turn to the experts at PSI. For additional information regarding Adhesive Process Solutions, please contact:


We are very pleased with PSI-Polymer Systems. There are several things that make up a great company and it starts with its people, its product and its service. PSI ranks high on all three in our book. The best place for gear pumps in the U.S.A.! The PSI support team stands behind its products. Their service team has the experience and knowledge to answer all questions we throw at them! I don’t see how it can get any better. You guys are good at what you do.

General Plastic Extrusions

General Plastic Extrusions has replaced multiple screen changers with PSI-Polymer Systems Manual Screen Changers. They have been operating leak-free with no maintenance issues. We plan to work with PSI in the future for our upcoming screen changer projects.

Spencer Industries

After running melt pumps for more than 15 years, PSI was chosen to rebuild an existing pump, and to equip an older line with pumps and adapters. These projects began more than a year ago and we have found PSI to provide superior performance, extremely responsive customer service, and technology that works on the production floor. PSI was quick to help resolve every issue, and we now have six pumps, new and rebuilt, running flawlessly and leak free. Perhaps the greatest asset from PSI is that they taught us precision pump technology that allows us to maintain performance, and to eliminate the catastrophic failures. PSI has been an outstanding vendor and welcome addition to our technology. These guys really know how to make melt pumps perform.