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Extended Area Continuous Screen Changer (EAC)

Polymer Extrusion Extended Area Screen Changer (EAC) Melt Filter

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Extended Area Continuous (EAC) screen changers are utilized on high output polymerization and compounding operations.  Engineered for production rates up to 100,000+ lbs/hr (45 tonnes/hr), the EAC performs screen changes with no process interruption or reduction in output.  High-efficiency candle filter assemblies offer low residence time and maximum filter area in a compact space.  During screen change a minimum of 75% of available screen area remains on-line. Pleated filters are optionally available to increase standard wire-cloth filter area by approximately three-times.

Melt flow across the EAC channels and filter assemblies is subjected to quantitative analysis using Ansys computational fluid dynamics software.  This results in an optimal flow rheology with no degradation areas and the lowest possible pressure drop. Operator access for screen changes is convenient and fast. A lightweight filter assembly installation & removal  tool easily mounts to the screen changer for protective handing of the candles.