PSI-Polymer Systems

Screen Changers

Extended area, High Capacity Screen Changer

Massive filter area accommodates high output, long runtime demand for polymer reactors and other lines that cannot shut down for screen changes. More details

Continuous Dual-Piston Screen Changer (58mm-300mm)

Perfect for all general extrusion applications where interruptions for screen changes must be avoided. Continuous output during screen changes generates higher average yield, lower melt pressures, and less scrap.  No seals to replace.   More details

Special seal option for melt-blown and low viscosity adhesives.  More details  

Continuous Backflush Screen Changer (125mm-250mm)

Continuous melt filtration with backflush.  Self-purging of filtered contaminants greatly extends screen life for highly contaminated melt streams or where minimizing operator involvement for screen changes is desired.  Generates higher average yield, lower melt pressures and less scrap.  No seals to replace. More details

Discontinuous Piston Screen Changer (58mm-300mm)

Melt filtration for batch operations.  Single filter pocket simplifies cleanout, eliminates degradation potential, and allows easy color changes without crossover.  No seals to replace. More details

Special seal option for melt-blown and low viscosity adhesives.  More details  

Hydraulic Slide Plate Screen Changer (2.5″-15″)

Long considered the workhorse of polymer melt filtration, Hydraulic Slide Plate Screen Changers (HSC) are an efficient, economic filtration solution for film, sheet, pelletizing and a host of other applications.  The design uses a reciprocating two-position slide plate…  More details

Manual Slide Plate Screen Changer (46mm-148mm)

Manual screen changers are a low-cost, quick screen change solution for lines that typically change screens during planned downtime.  The compact design uses a hand lever or ratchet or pneumatics to index the slide plate and screen packs. More details

In-line Filter (20 In2 -80 In2)

Convenient, space-saving filtration alternative for small to mid-size extruders.  Cylindrical tubes or pleated elements provide extended-area for long run times between screen changes.  No moving parts, no mechanical seals to replace. More details

In-line Filter – Extended Area

Single or pod-style large-area candle filters available with cylindrical or pleated elements. Suited to thin-film, synthetic fiber and other applications demanding fine-particle filtration and extended run times. More details

Hydraulic Power Units

PSI Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) provide the power to actuate hydraulically operated screen changers and divert valves.  More details