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Backflush Continuous Screen Changer (CSC-BF)

Continuous Back Flush Polymer Extrusion Screen Changer (CSC-BF) Melt Filter

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Backflush Continuous Screen Changers (CSC-BF) filter contaminated polymer melt streams typical of post-industrial and post-consumer plastic scrap.  As contaminants build up on the screen pack, a pressure setpoint or timer initiates backflush operation.  The fully automated process efficiently lifts and evacuates impurities from the screen surface before indexing the screen back into service. 

Uninterrupted melt filtration is achieved using four (4) online screen pockets.  During backflush or screen change, seventy-five percent (75%) of the available filter area remains online. This effectively lowers average extruder back pressure and yields higher production output as well as benefiting extruder life and reducing energy.  Each screen is self-cleaned in sequence as needed until the backflush process can no longer effectively remove embedded contaminants and a screen change is signaled.    

Backflush frequency varies with contamination levels and line pressure. Screen packs are typically self-cleaned 20-25 times or more, saving screen costs and labor between screen changes and maintaining continuous operation throughout.  The rugged, low maintenance design has no mechanical valves or seals and can operate leak-free for decades with proper care.

Polymer Extrusion Continuous Backflush Screen Changer (CSC-BF) Melt Filter


Temperature °F [°C]Up to 650 [343]
Max oper. pressure PSI [bar]max. 7,500 [517]
Control zones (housing)Four (4)
ModelMax. Throughput*Screen DiameterFilter Area
CSC-125BF3,1001,4054.93125.34 x 19.14 x 123.2
CSC-148BF4,4002,0005.84148.34 x 26.84 x 172.6
CSC-176BF6,6002,9956.94176.34 x 37.84 x 244.1
CSC-200BF8,4003,8107.88200.34 x 48.74 x 314.4
CSC-230BF11,5005,2159.07230.34 x 64.54 x 416.3
CSC-250BF19,4008,8009.85250.34 x 76.14 x 490.8
* Throughput rates are estimates and are subject to material, viscosity, pressure, and filtration level.


  • Operator-free, automated backflush operation
  • 4-pocket design. Always 75% of screen area inflow during backflush or screen change
  • No mechanical seals – 3-year leak-free guarantee
  • Machine-mounted operator screen change station
  • Purge discharges directly beneath the housing to a drip tray or floor, creating a cleaner environment for operators.
  • Minimal waste discharge
  • Low delta-P breaker plates yield more output and longer run time between screen changes
  • Oversize hydraulic cylinders for higher reliability
  • Locking Plate removal tool


  • Special heater voltage
  • Cart mounted Hydraulic Power Unit