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Hydraulic Slide Plate Screen Changer (HSC)

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Long considered the workhorse of polymer melt filtration, Hydraulic Slide Plate Screen Changers (HSC) are an efficient, economic filtration solution for film, sheet, pelletizing and a host of other applications able to tolerate a momentary process disruption. The design uses a two-position reciprocating slide plate to rapidly move screen packs in and out of the melt stream ‘on-the-fly’. During a screen change with the extruder operating, the slide plate coasts beneath the seals and head pressure is momentarily relaxed.  Once the slide plate is in position with the new screen online, head pressure is instantly reestablished, pressing the seals tightly against the slide plate for leak-free performance. 

The heart of the system is PSI’s patented, life-time warrantied Never-Wear® pressure-activated sealing system. Unlike other hydraulic screen changer designs that require annual tear down and replacement of a PTFE pressure ring, PSI’s patented expandable ring is all steel and never wears out. The no-maintenance design minimizes component wear to achieve long service life and never requires operator adjustment.  The original seals, started up in 2003, still run leak-free and have never been serviced.  


Bolt-thru connections:HSC-25 - HSC-65
Bolt-on connections:HSC-80 - HSC-150
Operating Temperature:Up to 650°F (343°C)
Max. Inlet Pressure HSC-25 - HSC-80:10,000 PSI (690 bar)
Max. Inlet Pressure HSC-100 - HSC-150:5,000 PSI (345 bar)
Max. Differential Pressure:2,500 PSI (175 bar)
Solenoid control valve voltage:110V (optional 24V)


Max. Throughput*Max. ClearanceScreen DiameterScreen AreaZonesHeater kWWeight
Bore Diam.
HSC-256002272.5564.82.8873.06.541.91 (opt 3)2.60.6270123
HSC-351,1004183.5991.23.94100.012.278.61 (opt 3)3.81.2385175
HSC-451,9507264.78121.45.19131.721.1136.41 (opt 3)5.61.6560255
HSC-603,1001,1576.02152.96.56166.733.8218.23 (opt 1)8.01.6775352
HSC-653,5501,3616.55166.47.06179.439.2252.73 (opt 1)8.01.6775352
HSC-15020,0008,39215.01381.315.94404.9199.61,287.54 42.0 9.0 4,800 2,177
* Throughput rates are estimates and are subject to material, viscosity, pressure, and filtration level.


  • Leak-free pressure activated sealing system
  • Patented all-steel seal with lifetime warranty
  • Oversized screen packs for low restriction / longer run times
  • Fast screen changes optimize productivity
  • Extruder screw pull-through
  • Removeable downstream reducer bushing
  • Slide plate heater wires flex away from poly
  • Electrically interlocked guards
  • Low restriction breaker plate (standard rating through HSC-80: 3000 dP)


  • Application-specific materials of construction
  • Chrome or nickel plating
  • Three (3) zone for smaller units (HSC-25 through HSC-45)
  • Special voltage heaters
  • Hydraulic cylinder proximity sensors
  • Internal fluid heat/cool
  • Special seals for extrusion coating – high heat/low viscosity
  • Integral divert position
  • Vertical mount (up to HSC-65)
  • High temperature to 850°F [454°C]
  • Co-extrusion check valve to prevent material backflow during screen change
  • Expanded (foamed) polymers package
  • Hydraulic Power Unit manifold for multiple screen changer operation 
  • Cart mounted Hydraulic Power Unit
  • 24VDC or 220VAC solenoid control (110V standard)
  • CE compliance


(3) HSC-100 (10") Pre-Shipment Checkout