PSI-Polymer Systems

Our Journey

About PSI Polymer Systems Inc.

Part of Your Process from Our Beginning

2000    Founded PSI with the introduction of advanced dual-piston Continuous Screen Changers

2000    Introduced Diverter Valve 

2001    Introduced Manual Screen Changer 

2002    Introduced next generation Gear Pump 

2003    Introduced Hydraulic Slide Plate Screen Changer (US Patent 7,147,774 B2)

2004    Introduced Continuous Backflush Screen Changer 

2004    Introduced Uniflow Static Mixer 

2005    Introduced High Pressure Gear Pump

2007    Introduced Heat Exchanger 

2008    Introduced Gear Pump for PEX applications

2009    Moved to new 45,000 sq ft facility

2010    Delivered first full-line integrated control system

2011    Founded PSI-GmbH, Talheim Germany

2013    Introduced Low Viscosity Seal for Continuous Screen Changer (US patent 9,309,974 B1)

2013    Introduced Gear Pump Seal for Melt Blown (patent pending)

2013    Delivered first Extended Area Continuous Screen Changer for large polymer reactor line

2014    Introduced Extrusion Die Changer (U.S. Patent 10,828,820)

2018    Introduced Gear Pump for R-PVC

2018    Introduced Extended-Area Candle Filter 

2018    Introduced Vessel Gear Pump